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Help restore this church by
the purchase of this book.
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Our church was built through the centuries
and each period of time left its trace. Its
beginnings go back to the 12th century. It
has a baroque pulpit and a funny face at
the beginning of the gothic arch, beautiful
baroque altars and a ceiling that is
painted in diverse patterns and colors. The
church is relatively big for a small village
of no more than 30 houses, yet its
inhabitants feel responsible for the
maintenance and preservation of this gem
for the future generations.
They successfully restored the church's tower and its roof.
They are almost done with the exterior walls and new
drainage. Village volunteers spent numerous hours
working and helping with the difficult projects, they
organized benefits, but life is still hard on our mountain
and money is always short so I decided to publish a book
of which the proceeds will go to a fund for the restoration
of the interior starting with the ceiling. It is hard to see
those beautiful colors fade and statues of angels and
saints lose their instruments and tools and gold leaf
surface chipping away.

I visit my family about once a year and every time I can
see the progress and every time my little church looks
more beautiful. I will continue to take pictures of the
progress, and I will continue to put them on this web
page, so that all the good people, who through my book
donated money for it, can see it too. I sincerely thank each
one of you for your generosity and God Bless You over
and over again!

This book contains
some of the basic
Catholic Prayers
similar to the ones
that my mum
thought me as a
child and a
suggestion of a
program for a
prayer group or a
family hour of
prayer. It is also
meant for the
individuals who feel
the need to spend
more time in prayer.

Well... donations
are aslo welcome: