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I have been a member of a few prayer groups: some in the US and some in Europe.
Here is what I've learned:
1. You can start a prayer group as long as there are two people willing to pray together.
2. I would warmly recommend that you inform your priest about it. He will keep you grounded. It would be perfect if you can
convince him to come and pray with you at least once in a while.
3. Put a program together beforehand so that you can tell people what you plan to do and print out all the necessary prayers
that you expect people to say. This will also keep you free from scrambling for things during the time of prayer.
4. Limit your payers to an hour at the beginning. There will be people on various spiritual levels and if it takes to long you
can easy scare the beginners away.
5. Sing at least two songs - keep it under five.
6. Do not let people talk about their feelings or personal issues during the time of prayer. Consecrate the time solely to God.
7. You will be tempted and tested. Stick to your guns.
8. Stay close to the teachings of the Church and you will be fine.

Here is a suggestion (and only a suggestion) for the program:

Start with a song and than:
1. The Sign of the Cross:
2. Continue with a prayer to the Holy Spirit so that your prayers will have the right purpose and he will guide you on the right
3. Pray 7 (seven) times each: The Our Father, The Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father
4. Express (aloud or silently) the intentions for which these prayers are offered
5. Continue with a BIBLE - verse or chapter
6. Followed by: The Apostles' Creed
7. Read a meditation or the Blessed Virgins message
8. Than start the Rosary (FIVE decades is good, more is better)
9. Hail Holy Queen
10. Prayer After The Rosary
11. A Prayer to Saint Michael Archangel
12. Memorare
13. Consecrate yourself and the other members of the group to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart
of Mary
14. Conclude with: either Litany or The Jesus Rosary or the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy or the Stations of the Cross or
whatever you think suitable.
15. Finish with a song and than:
The Sign of the Cross.