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Welcome dear friend,

I was raised as a Roman Catholic in a little European country called Slovenia. There is historical evidence that
there were Christians there as far back as the 2nd century but our main conversion took place in the 6th and 7th
century, therefore I can safely say that my family cherished our Christian faith for many centuries and survived
many foreign invaders, including the Turks that invaded our country in the 15th and 17th century and over 40
years of communist repression that ended just recently.

I live in the US now and many people are asking me questions about our Christian traditions so I decided to pass
on to you what my mother passed on to me.

My mum made sure I was able to say all the basic payers by the tender age of three (The Apostle's Creed
included). We would start the day with our morning prayers, say the Angelus at noon, say our prayers before and
after meals and conclude the day with our evening prayers. Evening was also the time to read stories from the
Bible and from the lives of the saints. On holy days we would do all that plus some extras. We lived in a small
village on the top of the mountain and God was everywhere.